Legal residentura Brussels

The residentura was used to spy on various US, NATO and EEC facilities (in Brussels, the headquarters of NATO and the EEC). It was one of the main residenturas for gathering political intelligence. The residentura also fulfilled the obligations arising from agreements with Soviet intelligence. Agent "Nina" worked as a parliamentary journalist at the Belga agency. She was used for several disinformation operations. Her companion, agent "Castro", was used by the KGB. From 1965 the Resident was Major Karel Šlehofer "Šámal". From 1969 the residentura was directed by Colonel Jarmil Smetana "Šustr". From 1972 – 1980 the Resident was Lieutenant Colonel RSDr. Jan Stehno "Skořepa" (bottom right). In 1986 Lieutenant Colonel Ing. František Klouček "Kružík" was appointed Resident.

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