Legal residentura Washington, D.C.

The residenturas on US soil acquired information about the preparations and plans of the "main enemy" – the USA – to attack the communist countries, the issues of disarmament, uncovering plans for the destruction of communism, the activities of special services of the USA and its activities in the UN, scientific-technical intelligence, etc. In 1956, there were two agents working in the residentura: First Lieutenant Jaroslav Marek "Moučka" (1st Secretary) and Deputy Lieutenant Bohuslav Jůza "Jeník" (2nd Secretary) and cipherer. On 28 December 1968, Major JUDr. Ladislav Derka "Deml" (1st Secretary, right) was appointed Resident. In January, Major Ing. Antonín Nenko "Nedvěd" (2nd Secretary) was appointed as his deputy for scientific-technical intelligence, but in 1970 he defected to the Americans. After him, the deputy from 1970 – 1974 was Major Jan Smělý "Stolař". From 1972 – 1976, the residentura was directed by Lietuenant Colonel Eduard Fuchs "Dominik" (left). From August 1983, the Resident was Colonel Zdeněk Sokol "Záleský". Headquarters succeeded in moving its agent Karel Köcher (Pedro, Rino) with his wife to the United States, where he managed to infiltrate the CIA (1973), where he worked as an analyst and translator. In 1984 he was arrested by the FBI and in 1986 expelled (exchange of agents in Berlin). In this period their commanding officer Jan Fila "Šturma" defected to the Americans. It is likely that agent Köcher was betrayed to the Americans either by him or by KGB general Oleg Kalugin. The last Resident was Major Josef Poštulka "Kopřiva" in 1989 and there were 11 other operative staff in the residentura.

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