Dimo Vangelov Stankov

Col. Dimo Vangelov Stankov (1924) - He joined Bulgarian military counterintelligence in 1948. From March 1953 he worked as Section Chief of Section 3 (Western countries) of Main Directorate I of State Security of the Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior (intelligence service). From November 1953 he worked for the residentura in London as 2nd Secretary of the Embassy. He managed to recruit 2 agents. In November 1960 he returned to Bulgaria. In 1962 he was sent to study at a KGB school for one year in Moscow. Between 1963 -1966 he was Deputy Chief of Analytical Information Section of Bulgarian Intelligence, from 1966-1969 Chief of Section VI-B, 1969 - 1971 Chief of Section 8 of Bulgarian Intelligence, 1972-1974 Deputy Chief of Bulgarian Intelligence, 1974-1978  intelligence resident in Paris, where at the time he was the boss of Vladimir Kostov, an intelligence officer who defected to the West in 1977. Between 1978 - 1990 Chief of Section 8 (disinformation) and 1987-1990 Deputy Chief of Bulgarian intelligence. He retired in 1990. And in 2001 published an autobiography "After a long silence - 42 years in Bulgarian intelligence".

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