Legal residentura New York

New York was an important residentura in the country of the "main enemy" the USA. The Intelligence Services worked here under the diplomatic cover of the Czechoslovak representation at the UN. In 1956, Major Milouš Vejvoda "Bartoš" was appointed to head the residentura (legalized in the position of 1st Secretary) and his deputy was Lieutenant Josef Svoboda "Soukal" (legalized in the position of 2nd Secretary). The residentura had seven other operative staff, one driver and a cipherer. From 17 July 1958, the Resident was Major Miroslav Nacvalač "Kubeš" (expelled for espionage in 1961), and from 1957 – 1962 the Deputy Resident was Captain Jaroslav Rybář "Trnka." From 30 January 1970, the Resident was Colonel Václav Králík "Kareš" (1st Secretary, fig. top left). From 1977 – 1981 the Resident was Colonel Jiří Slanina "Sádek" (fig. below left). Also working at the residentura was later defector (1986) Jan Fila "Šturma", who from 1978 was commissioned as Deputy Resident and was in this capacity charged with contacting the representatives of the intelligence service of the USSR in New York and Washington. In the USA he also handled Karl Köcher (Rino) and his wife. The residentura carried out tasks against the main enemy – the USA and NATO; its activities also focused on the UN headquarters. The last Resident was Captain JUDr. Petr Hála "Hlinka" in 1989.

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