A resident (in US station chief) was the representative of the foreign intelligence bodies of the ministry of interior at the Czechoslovak embassies abroad. A staff member of the Czechoslovak foreign intelligence was appointed to the position of a resident based on a proposal of the chief of Directorate I which was supported by the main committee of the Communist party. The appointment had to be approved by the Central committee of the Communist party of Czechoslovakia. Each proposal of the deployment of a staff member to a residentura abroad was subjected to a discussion and recommendation of the presidium of the main committee of the Communist party at Directorate I.

The resident was resonsible for directing the legal residentura, for the fulfillment of operative plans and the results to the minister of interior through the leadership of Directorate I. The staff members of the residentura had the right to communicate with the elementary organisations and the main committee of the Communist party at the Central office without censorship from the resident. 

Next to other tasks, the resident was responsible for the cooperation with designated representatives of the Soviet foreign intelligence and with the resident of the Intelligence service of the General staff.

See also: Legal residentura

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