Legal residentura Damascus

Czechoslovakia was a major arms supplier to Syria. The residentura in Damascus pinpointed areas of tension and assessed the potential escalation of local wars into nuclear conflicts. It also gathered intelligence with regard to the activities of American and NATO special services and their connection to the local special services in terms of their activities against the interests of Czechoslovakia and other Soviet bloc states.It also gained an overview of the activities of terrorist organizations and their activities against the communist countries. An important task was the acquisition of information about the interests and activities of Israel in the region. It also performed tasks arising from the obligations of cooperation with the Soviet intelligence service.

From 1976 – 1978 the Resident was Lieutenant Colonel Otto Fait "Forejt", from 1979 – 1983 Karel Buralt "Zika", from 1983 – 1985 Major Stanislav Spanilý "Ineman" and from 1985 the last Resident was Lieutenant Colonel Ing. Stanislav Havel "Brož" and four other operative servicemen.

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