Section 69 of Directorate I


  • 1971 - 1972 lt. col. Jaroslav Bečka "Bendl"
  • 1971 – deputy chief lt. col. Jaroslav Souček "Slavíček"
  • 1972 – lt. col. Vladimír Kočí "Konšel"
  • 1988 – col. Alois Horsák "Hajský"
  • 1983 – deputy chief lt. col. Václav Javůrek "Krofta"

In 1974-1990 Section 69 was the Operative section of Directorate I on the line of the science and technology foreign intelligence. The Section established an agent network in Western countries (businesspeople in Western companies...). It also utilised Czechoslovak citizens and their relations with foreigners. Using “suitable“ citizens, it created an ideological network of agents. It sent staff members with a suitable legend to foreign residenturas and placed them in Czechoslovak state bodies or science and technology institutions (foreign trade companies etc.). It carried out purchases and “procurement“ of technologies, scientific knowledge and samples suitable for use in the national economy (coputers, electronics...) The science and technological foreing intelligence closely cooperated with the Soviet KGB. As of 1 July 1978, it was re-organised.

The structure in 1989:

  • Internal group
  • Department 1 – Germanic countries
  • Department 2 – further European countries
  • Department 3 – Far East
  • Department 4 – America
  • Department 5 – embargo
  • Department 6 – PERA

See also: Section 74 of Directorate I

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