Section 50 of Directorate I


  • 1971 – 1974 lt. col. Jaroslav Myšík "Císařík"
  • 1974 – lt. col. Josef Kostka
  • 1972 – 1974 deputy chief maj. Jiří Adámek
  • 1972 – deputy chief lt. col. Karel Knor "Kořínek"
  • 1984 –  lt. col. Josef Mánek "Došek"

The Communications Section secured the encryption, telecommunication and courier connections for the purposes of Directorate I, the internal and organisational Directorate of the Federal ministry of interior and Directorates II and XIII of the National security corps. In particular, it was in charge of the connections for the Central committee of the Communist party of Czechoslovakia, the Office of the Prime minister of the ČSSR, the Federal ministry of foreign affairs (FMZV), the Federal ministry of foreign trade and through the FMZV, also for other ministries.

The Section was responsible for the concept of communication lines.

- end term -