Section 25 of Directorate I

  • Section 33 – Section of defence and inspection /1971-1974), Section 33 – control, defence and protection of secret information (1974-1982), Section 25 – defence and protection of the apparatus of the Czechoslovak foreign intelligence 


  • 1971 - 1975 lt. col. René Kraus "Kinský"

Until 1974, the Section was an operative unit of Directorate I which organised and coordinated the fields of work of the foreign intelligence associated with the securing of its safety. The goal of the activity was to avoid threats to the safety of the foreign intelligence, its staff and the secret information from the side of special enemy forces. It followed the interests and attempts of enemy special forces to penetrate the Czechoslovak foreign intelligence, it analysed the gathered information and knowledge and presented proposals and recommended measures for securing the safety of intelligence work. It carried out monitoring inspection work based on orders of the chief of Directorate I. It elucidated cases of violation of service regulations and directives of the chief and presented them to the Inspection of the Ministry of interior of the ČSSR for investigation.        

In 1974, the inspection group separated from the Section (See: Inspection of the chief of Directorate I).

The section organised, coordinated and executed tasks associated with the protection of the defence appratus including the technical defence of special buildings of Directorate I. The Section particularly assessed the interest and motifs of enemy special forces regarding staff members of the Czechoslovak foreign intelligence, as well as violations of the obligatory professional discretion about secret information which the staff members came into contact with during their work for Directorate I. It carried out preventive monitoring of selected former staff members of Directorate I who had been dismissed or released from active duty. It carried our preventive defence interviews with former staff members of the Directorate, their exploitation upon return from abroad and it gathered further facts necessary for the defence of the foreign intelligence apparatus. 

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