Section 21 of Directorate I

  • Section 2 of Directorate B (1969-1971), Section for “special services“ (1971-1974), Section 21 – analyses of special services (1974-1976)


  • 1971 - 1975 Lt.Col. Stanislav Tomeš "Formánek"

The activity of Section 21 of Directorate I was directed at gathering information about the activity of foreign intelligence and counterintelligence services of  Western countries against the ČSSR, the Communist countries and the Communist and “anti-imperialist“ movements. The Section attempted to uncover helpers of these services in the ČSSR and organised active measures for hindering their activity, and to compromise and discredit “imperialism“ in the eyes of the international public. It worked on the issue of traitors – emigrants from among the bearers of state secrets of special importance.    

As of 1 February 1976, Section 21 with 14 staff positions was abolished.

- end term -