recruitment under a foreign flag

People were recruited in the name of an institution of a foreign state, whereas the selection of the foreign flag and fabrication of a story to recruit a person to secretly collaborate assumed such a procedure that the access to the future secret collaborator and the way of working with him corresponded to the credibly chosen foreign flag and did not disclose the style of work of the Czechoslovak intelligence service. When recruiting for collaboration under a foreign flag it was crucial to precisely determine that the person was not in contact with special services planned by the foreign flag (many Directives for intelligence activities of the First Directorate of the SNB, art. 13). Recruitment was carried out in the name of capitalist states, capitalist intelligence services, counterintelligence, various organisations and institutions, monopolies, banks, companies, offices, and fictitious organisations. This type of recruitment required maximum inventiveness, difficulty (knowledge), increased alertness and ability to conspire and fabricate. The recruit needed to master all required knowledge perfectly (language, culture, history, mentality, peculiarities, etc.) and the organisation and material aspects of the recruitment process had to correspond to the conditions of the "flag" (documents, clothing, etc.) Recruitment was carried out by cadre members, secret collaborators /agents, ideological collaborators) at rezidenturas (legal, illegal), cadre members and secret collaborators from "third countries", including from Czechoslovakia (headquarters) with legalised stays (business trips, etc.). 

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