Legal residentura Tokyo

The residentura focused primarily on scientific-technical espionage. From 1965 – 1970 the Resident was Major Ing. Václav Pospíšil "Petránek" (right). In 1970 the Deputy Residentwas Lieutenant Colonel Jiří Svoboda "Světák" (EXPO 70) and the Resident until 1972 was Major Štefan Viedenský "Hric, Vršinský" (left, later Deputy Chief of the Directorate). Also acting as Deputy Residentfrom 1970 – 1974 was Major Jaroslav Mičke "Machoň" and from 1974 – 1979 the Deputy Residentwas Major Josef Soubusta "Struhař". From 1977 – 1982 the residentura was directed by Lieutenant Colonel Karel Fiřt "Fidler" followed by Colonel Zdeněk Paukner "Plachý" (bottom right) until 1985. From 1985 – 1989 the Resident was Lieutenant Colonel Ing. Jaroslav Pettík "Pilný", who had a staff of six operative servicemen. The Intelligence Service had ties to the Japanese industrial complex and based on agreements with the KGB succeeded in obtaining for the USSR samples of colours thatabsorb radar waves, operating manuals for the F-15 fighter bomber, etc.

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