Legal residentura Nicosia

There was a small residentura in Cyprus with relatively skilled agents who focussed on the American and British military bases. The residentura attempted to infiltrate American and NATO facilities and coordinated its tasks with the Soviet and Bulgarian intelligence services. It used Cypriot territory to plant agents in countries of priority interest. 
In 1980, the Interior Minister of Czechoslovakia proclaimed the mission to build influential channels in the enemy's decision-making centres (governments, political parties, business circles). The Intelligence Service implemented 100 active operations abroad, 55 of which were very successful. "Remarkable results were achieved also in Cyprus". The Intelligence Service developed close ties with the private secretary of the Cypriot President, who passed valuable political information and knowledge of British military bases. The Resident from 1976 – 1980 was Lieutenant Colonel Miroslav Chytrý "Chládek", from 1980 – 1985 Major Jan Klimeš "Buldra", and from 1985 – 1989 First Lieutenant Vladimír Švejda "Vízek". The last Resident was Lieutenant Colonel PhDr. Miroslav Vích "Vápeník" legalized in the position of council in the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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