Legal residentura Montreal

The residentura obtained information and developed the expatriate community and emigration activities. It focused in particular on learning about US military, political and economic plans against Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Bloc countries, as well as the activities of Canadian special services and their links to the special services of the USA and NATO with respect to actions against Czechoslovakia and the communist countries and acquiring knowledge and high-tech documents in connection with the disposal of nuclear waste. The headquarters tasked the residentura with infiltrating the USA to gather scientific-technical intelligence and performing specific illegal intelligence assignments and missions arising from the agreement with the Soviet intelligence services in this area. In 1955, four agents served here and 28 potential agents were developed. The residentura also focused on Czechoslovak emigration, which in 1968 amounted to over 10,000 people. Until 1958 the Resident was First Lieutenant Ladislav Weidinger "Macháček". In 1961 the resident became Major Václav Louda "Linhart" (left). During EXPO 67 the Resident was Lieutenant Colonel Jiří Svoboda "Sviták". In September 1968, First Lieutenant JindřichMládek "Moudrý (The Wise)" was appointed Deputy Resident. From 1977 – 1979, the residentura was directed by Major PhDr.Miloš Rudolecký "Ráž" (consul). The last resident was Major Jaroslav Hrbáček "Paukert" in 1988.

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