Legal residentura Mexico


According to the plan, the residenturas in Latin America were targeted against the USA with the aim of uncovering US plans and interests in the region, gathering information on the activities of local special services and their cooperation with the USA. They were also meant to supply political and economic information from the countries where there were no residenturas, acquire agents to infiltrate areas of interest (mainly the Czech and Slovak exile), handle agents from third countries and secure other operations (cooperation with the KGB), create conditions for the promotion of the global interests of the communist bloc in the region, activities in the field of scientific-technical intelligence (with the possibility of infiltrating the USA). From 1963 – 1968 Directorate I established radio communication with the residenturas in South America and Mexicoas part of operation INTERKOM. In the mid-1950s the Intelligence Service controlled four agents in Mexico and five agents in Argentina. In June 1969, Major Miroslav Vladyka "Vyhnanovský" was entrusted with directing the residentura in Bogota. The last Resident in Bogota was Major Josef Zapletal "Hofman" in 1987. In Caracas, from 1967 the chief of the residentura wasMajor Stanislav Buřival "Bosák", from1969 theResident was Captain Václav Bubeníček "Bakalář". In 1979 the Resident was Major Miroslav Vladyka "Vyhnanovský", from 1985 Captain JUDr. Ján Trgala"Vallo". In Buenos Aires and Mexico City the Resident was Captain Oldřich Novický "Neužil" from 1963 – 1967 and Lieutenant Colonel Zdeněk Neumann "Neklan" (left) from 1977 – 1979. From 1955 – 1958 the Resident in BuenosAires was Jan Stehno "Skořepa".

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