Legal residentura Jakarta

In addition to material assistance,Indonesia received support from Czechoslovakia in the form of military and security courses and training of security forces. The residenturainfiltrated American and NATO facilities, gathered political-economic intelligence in neighbouring countries without residenturas,and carried out scientific-technical intelligence assignments. It also performed tasks arising from cooperation with Soviet intelligence. In 1963 the Deputy Resident was Captain Vladimír Hrušecký "Houška". From 1967 the Resident was Major Stanislav Kozubík "Krejčí (The Tailor)", in 1968 Major Milan Kleník "Kolda" and in1979 Major Jaromír Vašíček "Žďárský". The last Resident was Major Ing. Jan Malásek "Bezruč" in 1989, with serviceman Lieutenant Colonel Vladimír Špinek "Lefler". In the 1960s the Intelligence Service significantly gained agent Hassan Gusti Rasmali (Buchar, Kosan). He was one of the single most important agents in the history of Directorate I. Among other things, he supplied information about the structure and staffing of the Indonesian intelligence service. The information was transmitted to the KGB, which valued it highly.

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