Legal residentura Havana

The residentura was established on 17 May 1960 concurrently with the launch of the Czechoslovak embassy in Cuba. The first resident was Captain Zdeněk Kvita "Peterka", who was legalized in the position of Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs 3rd Secretary. One of its main tasks was to detect upcoming economic and political measures by the USA against Cuba, the realization of influential policy to discriminate against US activities and further contribute to the growth of nationalism and the growing efforts of the independence of Latin America. Attention was also paid to US military bases in the region. The residentura worked closely with the KGB's intelligence service. In terms of the number of codes sent to the headquarters, the residentura soon ranked fourth after Vienna, Paris and London. In 1961, First Lieutenant Bedřich Kubeš "Rogl" (right) was appointed Resident. In addition to weapons, help for the "Cuban Revolution" was provided in the form of training, instructors, intensive exchange of information and more. The residentura in the later period served to improve language and professional training of Directorate I operatives prior to deployment to target countries. From 1964 – 1968, the Resident was Major František Šindelář "Stupka" (bottom right), followed in 1971 by Lieutenant Colonel Jiří Syrovátka "Sýkora" and then in 1973 by Major Ota Jiroušek "Jíra". In the period from 1973 – 1976, Lieutenant Colonel Jiří Syrovátka was again Resident.

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