Legal residentura Frankfurt

In West Germany there was another Czechoslovak representation trade mission in Frankfurt, which heavily consisted of Intelligence Service agents and was under the strong permanent control of West German counterintelligence. In 1963 there were fouragents stationed here: Ludvík Brázda, Lieutenant Colonel Miloslav Purgr "Podhráský" (Resident from 1972 – 1973), František Dobízl and Jaroslav Hanibal. In 1963, Captain Miroslav Ešner "Blodek" was appointed Resident. From the 1960s one of the most important Intelligence Service agents in Europe was stationed here: Alfréd Gebhart "Pedagog" (The Teacher), who in the first half of the 1980ssucceeding in turning German Member of Parliament Erwín Horn (Haribo). Another important agent in 1968 was the deputy head of the West German intelligence service Major General Horst Wendland.

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