Legal residentura Delhi

Thanks to the favourable environment and international relations with the USSR, the Intelligence Service did not make anti-Indian activities a priority. The residentura in Delhi followed the activities of the local American and British intelligence services and the development of the non-aligned movement. It acquired information about the relations of the USA, India, China, Japan, South Korea and the ASEAN countries. The servicemen in the residentura in India performed joint tasks with the KGB intelligence service, which engaged in relatively wide-scale activities here (after 1971 the KGB had four residenturas here and more than 150 operatives). The agency gathered information of a military nature, arming the military with help of Western states, ruling classes, diplomatic missions of Western states and scientific-technical intelligence (nuclear technology, electronics, new materials, biotechnology and engineering). The headquartersinfiltrated former Baťa and Czechoslovak arms factory employees who remained in India. In 1956 the Resident was Lieutenant Bohuslav Laška "Dub", in 1964 Captain Miloslav Matějů "Mach",from 1977 – 1981 Major František Sailer "Bečvář", and from 1986 –1987 Captain Josef Prievozník "Borovica". In 1989 the residentura was staffed by four servicemen: one for political intelligence, one for foreign counterintelligence and two for scientific-technical intelligence. The last Resident wasMajor PhDr. Miroslav Mojžita "Brezovský" in 1987. In 1988 Lieutenant Colonel Vlastimil Ludvík "Pantůček" defected from Delhi to Britain's MI6. This paralyzed the activities of the Czechoslovak Intelligence Service abroad and weakened the activities of other intelligence services of the Soviet bloc states.

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