Legal residentura Bern


From 1956 the Resident in Bern was Major Jiří Fišer "Fikar" and hisdeputy was Lieutenant Jan Beran "Tichý (The Silent)". From 1966 – 1970 the residentura was directed by Major František Pospíšil "Pýcha (Pride)" (left), from 1972 – 1979 the Deputy Resident was Major Miroslav Majdloch "Mašinda" (right), the Resident from 1973 –1977 was Major Václav Kadlec "Košnar" (bottom right) followed by Lieutenant Jan Jirůšek "Havelský" until 1984. From 1976 – 1980 Directorate I established a residentura in Geneva and gradually abolished the residentura in Bern. From 1985 – 89 the residentura in Geneva was directed by Lieutenant Colonel Bohumil Bednář "Borovec" (permanent mission to the UN). In 1989 the residentura was staffed by three operatives (Captain RSDr. Josef Vosáhlo "Kaplan", First Lieutenant JUDr. Ivan Moroz "Ross" and First Lieutenant JUDr. Vladimír Tuka "Fichtner") and a cipherer. The residentura focussed on facilities of the main enemy the USA, NATO and the EEC with an emphasis on monitoring international economic issues, uncovering plans and activities of "ideo-diversion centres" and the main exponents of emigration.It fulfilled the obligations arising from the agreements with the intelligence service of the USSR and ensured the protection and safety of Czechoslovakinstitutions, delegations and expertsworking long- and short-term in international organizations.

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