Legal residentura Beijing

The residentura performed intelligence activities focussing in particular onUSA – Japan – South Korea relations and the ASEAN countries; China – USA – Japan – India relations and the ASEAN countries. It monitored foreign policy,the intensity and content of relations betweenChina and the West, developing countries and the sociaist countries; the development of the domestic political situation;plans to strengthen China's military power andpreparations for war;the main objectives in the development of relations with theUSA, the NATO countries and the EEC; Chinese operations in the Balkans; plans with regard to the USSR and the communist countries in Europe; specific operations by China in crisis areas (Middle East,Indochina, Pakistan), on the African continent, in Latin America; it gathered intelligence about the plans of China's leadership with regard to the communist countries and the international communist and workers' movement. In collaboration with the intelligence service of the USSRthe residentura implemented tasks in the fight against the Maoist leadership. From 1971 – 1973 the Deputy Resident was Lieutenant Colonel Ladislav Weidinger "Macháček" (left), from 1974 – 1980 the Resident was Major Jiří Chlapík "Chladil" (Deputy Resident in 1985), from 1980 – 1982 it was directed by Major Jiří Čermák "Čechura" and from 1984 – 1989 the Resident was Lieutenant Colonel Miloš Frebort "Filatov". The last Resident before 1989 was the First Deputy Chief of Directorate I Colonel Ing. Štefan Viedenský "Hric, Vršinský" (fig. right), who directed five operatives. 

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