Legal residentura Athens

In addition to implementing agreements, the Czechoslovak Intelligence Serviceworked here together with the intelligence services of theKGB and Bulgaria toinfiltrate American and NATO facilities by taking advantage of the differentiated approach of Greece to the treaties and policies of the USA. The residentura had good results here in developing promising agents for potential deployment in theUSA and Great Britain.

In 1956 the Resident was Lieutenant Oldřich Dobeš "Doubek" (3rd Secretary). From 1963 the Resident was Captain Zdeněk Vítek "Večera". In1968 Major Josef Konecký "Foltýn" (left) was appointed Resident. He was from the "old guard of spies of working class origin who were totally dedicated to the Stalinist Communist Party and had the full trust of the KGB". From 1970 – 1972 he was replaced by Major Jan Jarošík "Jesenský". From 1976 – 1982 the Resident was Captain Stanislav Ulík "Viktor" (bottom right), from 1983 – 1985 Lieutenant Colonel Zdeněk Červený "Čáp (Stork)" and from 1985 –1989 Major Antonín Vejmelka "Kostík (Cube)". The last Residentwas Major Ing. Daniel Litecký "Brejha".

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