Investigation Department of the StB Investigation Administration in Prague (First Department)

In Slovakia, activities were carried out by the Investigation Department of the StB Investigation Administration in Bratislava (Second Department)

  • the department carried out criminal investigations in the purview of the the StB in connection with the activities of counterintelligence agencies (against the foundation and security of the republic, spying, criminal offences, internal crimes, sabotage and economic crimes);
  • documented and investigated crimes committed between 1938 and 1945 on behalf of the fascist occupiers and ensured criminal sanctions against people committing these crimes abroad;
  • monitored, methodologically regulated or participated in the investigation of serious cases in the investigation departments of the StB Regional Directorate of National Security Corps;
  • proposed and, where appropriate, implemented preventive measures based on the findings of a state security investigation;
  • collaborated with relevant intelligence and other SNB departments; provided them with assistance in dealing with legal and factual issues and in documenting counterintelligence; at the investigative stage, ensured the interests of counterintelligence units.

Also see: State Security Investigation Administration

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