Inspection of the StB Investigation Administration Chief

It performed these tasks:

  • carried out monitoring and inspection activities as instructed by the Chief of the Administration; verified the fulfilment of tasks arising from department regulations;
  • handled complaints, notifications and suggestions by citizens and members of the Administration;
  • clarified disciplinary misconduct of members of the Administration designated by the Chief of the Administration and carried out procedural steps at the request of other law enforcement authorities;
  • evaluated the level of the moral-political status of the members of the Administration and conducted analyses of disciplinary practice;
  • led an overview of the management tasks resulting from the plan of activities of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, decisions and instructions from the Minister of the Interior of Czechoslovakia, his deputy and the Chief of the Administration; checked compliance with deadlines for their fulfilment.

Also see: State Security Investigation Administration, Chief of StB Investigation Administration

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