Information department of the 1st Directorate

  • Section 18 (1963), Section "S" (1969-1971), Section 17 (since 1974).


  • Col. Slavoj Frous "Farkač" (1969 - )
  • Lt.Col. Luděk Tomek "Rivet" (1970 - 1971)
  • Lt.Col. Jaromíř Zbořil "Zajíc" (1971 - 1980)
  • Since 1 January 1981 Lt.Col. JUDr. Zdeněk Kvita "Peterka"
  • Since 1. January 1981 deputy chief Maj. František Kramář "Zajíček"
  • Col. RSDr. Jan Stehno "Skořepa" (1984 - 1986)

In the organisational structure of the 1st Directorate, the Information department was in charge of processing, analysing and evaluating intelligence materials in the field of foreign policy, psychological warfare and ideological diversion, emigration and enemy special forces for the leading party and state functionaries and for the leadership of the Federal ministry of interior. For the most important international events, it prepared summary information reports for the bulletin of the Ministry of interior or the 1st Directorate. For the secretariat of the Central committee of the KSČ, it dispatched weekly reports containing a summary of current problems, possibly with proposed measures. As a service for the chief of the 1st Directorate, it processed materials for monitoring the intelligence output of operative departments, and materials for outlining intelligence tasks and within the aproved intelligence scope it forwarded materials to operative departments. The department was in charge of keeping documentation from foreign press and other sources, documentation on selected persons and on thematic topics of interest.  

The department further regulated the general intelligence activity of the operative departments according to the needs and directions of party and state bodies, in accordance with cooperation agreements with the foreign intelligence of countries of the Communist bloc, most of all with the Soviet espionage; it secured the preparation of operative personnel prior to their mission trips and secured the exchange of information and documents with friendly intelligence services based on concluded agreements.

The inner structure in 1989:

  • 1st group – index of unexpected attack (INN) – USA
  • 2nd group – NATO and Western Europe
  • 3rd group – Afroasia
  • 4th group – ideologial diversion
  • 5th group – international economic relations
  • 6th group – technical and administrative

See also: 1st Directorate of the Federal ministry of interior, political foreign intelligence

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