evaluation of secret collaborator

The comprehensive assessment of the quality of cooperation, security risks, reliability and other usability of a secret collaborator. It tracked the potential purging of the agency network of unproductive or unreliable secret collaborators. The evaluation was carried out by the relevant operational department of the headquarters (for secret collaborators managed abroad in cooperation with the rezidentura) based on material from the rezidentura and the comprehensive evaluation of the secret collaborator. Evaluations were carried out after each meeting, and a comprehensive evaluation was performed once a year. Evaluations were also carried out when a secret collaborator was transferred to another intelligence officer at the rezidentura or another section, when changing the category of secret collaborator, before a particularly important mission, in the event of declassification or compromising of the secret collaborator's security, to clarify detected defects in the knowledge of the secret collaborator, if the cooperation with the secret collaborator was interrupted or terminated, and at the command of the relevant station chief. The outcome of the evaluation formed the basis for supplementing or changing how the secret collaborator was handled, trained or controlled.

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