Deputy Chief of StB Investigation Administration

Was subordinated to the chief of the Administration. In particular, he:

  1. represented the Chief of the Administration during his absence, in the full extent of his rights, duties and responsibilities, except for matters the Chief had reserved;
  2. led the chiefs of the Investigation Administration and the Investigation Units of the StB in all investigations, except those reserved by the Chief of the Administration;
  3. organised the provision of methodological assistance to the StB Regional Directorate of National Security Corps investigation committees and the generalisation of experience from the State Security investigation; 
  4. drafted proposals focusing on the activities of the State Security Investigation Service and was responsible for information in investigated matters; 
  5. was responsible for the activities of entrusted organisational units, increasing the efficiency of working practices and habits, and raising the political level of the SNB members assigned to the Administration ("members of the Administration"); 
  6. evaluated the work results achieved and reported regularly to the Chief of the Administration on the performance of key tasks;
  7. participated in essential decisions and activities in the advisory bodies of the Chief of the Administration;
  8. performed other tasks according to the Chief's instructions. 

Also see: State Security Investigation Administration, Chief of StB Investigation Administration

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