Cadre and School Department of the StB Investigation Administration

From September 1979, the cadre group, from 1 January the cadre and school department

  • Ensured uniform implementation of cadre and personnel work at the Administration and investigative departments of the StB Regional Directorate of National Security Corps;
  • Analysed the status of cadre and personnel work, drafted analyses of the cadre structure and prepared proposals for the elimination of identified deficiencies in the implementation of the cadre measures and in decision-making in matters of the service relationship of members of the Administration;
  • Drafted planning proposals for the selection and replenishment of cadres for the needs of the Administration and ensured their implementation, processed cadre and disciplinary orders of the Chief of the Administration and kept records;
  • Participated according to the instructions of the Chief of the Administration on the creation of cadre reserves and organised their political and vocational training;
  • Drafted broadcasting plans in collaboration with the respective chiefs, and organised the selection of StB investigators to study at departmental and extra-departmental national and foreign schools and courses;
  • Ensured and organised comprehensive staff assessment of the members of the Administration and inspected the implementation of the conclusions adopted;
  • Kept unified records of the members of the Administration; 
  • Ensured the drafting of tables on the composition and numbers of the Administration and ensured related work;
  • Monitored and participated in the strict adherence to table discipline of the Administration; proposals to remedy identified shortcomings were presented to the Chief of the Administration;
  • In accordance with the relevant regulations, provided preventive rehabilitation, participated in organising the assignment of vouchers for selective recreation and family recreation and, in cooperation with a physician, organised and provided preventive spa rehabilitation.

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