Section 12 of Directorate I


  • in 1988 Capt. Jan Dušek

Section 12 – the organisational and operational section. It task was to fulfill duties pertaining to the internal regime, the protection of classified facts, special security actions and the protection of buildings of the Directorate, based on ministry regulations and commands of the chief of the Directorate. It fulfilled duties connected with the construction of the KAHAN building and its use in times of peace and in times of military alert of the state, as the main wartime workplace of the Directorate.

The Section was further responsible for the methodological control of organisational units of the Directorate in processing normative material. It steered, controlled and participated in the securing of administrative work and the records service of the Directorate, it fulfilled duties of the postal station and secured the copying and publication of normative material. It recorded generally binding legal regulations and further internal regulations necessary for the securing of the tasks of the Directorate.

It secured the activity of the operational centre of the Directorate, it secured the entrusted tasks in the field of international cooperation and translating services.

- end term -